Live Fire Performance

Hosted by AGoGo Flow Arts

Dancing within light and shadow aGoGo artists combine
individual passions and talents to co-create and exhibit beautiful displays of dance and prop manipulation of poi, hoops, staff, rope dart, and fans using FIRE as their movement medium.

Winners of this year’s Calgary Stampede Best Overall Parade Award with the outstanding Steely T Mutant Vehicle
and nominated for CanSpin’s Group of the Year two consecutive years running is Calgary’s quirky dance & flow artist collective aGoGo!

Be sure to catch aGoGo performing with mesmerizing FIRE
presented with grace and ease in remarkable patterns and
flow at Night Light!


Thank you to everyone who attended Night Light 2023. It was so great to see you all there! We look forward to lighting up Vic Park again next year. In the meantime, please keep in touch across social media at @vicparkyyc and @nightlight_vicpark 🌟