Night Light Brandmark

What is Night Light?

Night Light is a 3-night celebration of curated light, art, and live performance that will transform multiple venues and public spaces throughout Victoria Park.

Featuring projection mapped architecture, light-art installations, music and other art forms, Night Light will grow a culture of supporting the next generation of local artists. The inaugural edition is focused on building a platform and runway for artists of all skill levels to showcase their creative works. By embracing the autumnal equinox and celebrating the transition into longer nights, we’re taking the obscurity out of all things dark.

We view night lights themselves as a source of wayfinding, so we’re here to do just that — helping our patrons find their way to wonder, their way to fascination, their way to a new way of thinking.

Where does the light festival take place?

In our very own Victoria Park of course! Prepare to be mesmerized as we illuminate 12th Avenue, transforming it into our festival spine, with captivating exhibitions and interactive light displays. This exciting event will be spread across various locations in the area from September 28th – 30th, including District Market, Trans Alta, BLVD Park, and starting off at Central Memorial Park. See the below map for the highlighted festival space.


Welcome to Night Light, brought to you by The Victoria Park BIA!

Join us for Night Light year two, this September 26-28, 2024.


Complete our Night Light Artist Application below to be considered or email us at