Glimmers of Light

Created by Christy Herdman

Christy Herdman is a compassionate, creative spirit—both a problem solver and artist—an easygoing, kid-at-heart, and a certified art therapist. The complexity of human emotions is rooted in her artistic exploration. As sole proprietor of CRATE Art Therapy, she facilitates workshops that meld creativity and therapeutic techniques to enhance emotional well-being. 

Christy uses art to empower the next generation to develop the emotional skills necessary for building resilience. Through her art practice and as a certified art therapist, Christy sees creativity as a tool to promote mental wellness; her aim is to create a more empathetic society by making it CRATE.


Thank you to everyone who attended Night Light 2023. It was so great to see you all there! We look forward to lighting up Vic Park again next year. In the meantime, please keep in touch across social media at @vicparkyyc and @nightlight_vicpark 🌟