The Dome

Created by Big Art

As technology continually transforms our perception of art and space, “The Dome” emerges as a groundbreaking fusion of both. Venture into an unparalleled 360-degree odyssey with the Big Art Geodome. With a vast span of 53ft in radius and an imposing height of 44ft, its sheer magnitude is a sight to behold. Yet, its essence lies deeper.

The Dome’s lattice-shell geodesic design isn’t just an architectural marvel; it’s the portal to an all-encompassing visual spectacle. Thanks to its FULL internal projection capabilities, visitors are enveloped in a vibrant tapestry of art, narratives, and imagination. Complemented by resonant surround sound, the experience is both an auditory and visual delight, ensuring that every moment inside The Dome is unforgettable.



Thank you to everyone who attended Night Light 2023. It was so great to see you all there! We look forward to lighting up Vic Park again next year. In the meantime, please keep in touch across social media at @vicparkyyc and @nightlight_vicpark 🌟